Volunteers are needed in the following ministry areas:
  1. LIGHT IN THE NIGHT:  Workers are needed for this annual community outreach which will be on Saturday,           October 31st, 6-9 pm.  Other items needed for this event: Cakes, cupcakes and cookies for the Cakewalk,         and donations of candy.  Please click the above tab link for more info regarding how to assist.
  2. After School Resource:  Volunteers are needed for tutoring children, transporting children and with our Mon.        evening activities, including music, art, dance and basketball.) Click our link on the Get Involved above tab        for more information.
  3. Nursery Workers and Children’s Sunday School Teachers/Helpers. Call Brittany Faris, our Children’s Minister, if you are interested in obtaining more information. 662-397-2894
  4. Custodial Ministries- Assistance with cleaning duties.  Flexible schedule. Please call 662-732-5055.
  5. Clothes Closet. Please call Valerie if you are available. 662-617-1119